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In an ideal world, every student would have an equal chance to succeed and thrive in the education system. However, the concepts of equality and equity reveal that achieving this goal requires more than just providing the same resources to all students. Episode 246 of Class Dismissed will explore the differences between school equality and equity and the importance of promoting equity to ensure fairness and inclusion in education.


Equality in education refers to treating all students equally, irrespective of their backgrounds, abilities, or circumstances. It emphasizes providing all students equal opportunities, resources, and access to education. While this approach may seem fair, it fails to acknowledge that not all students have the exact needs or face similar barriers to learning.


Equity in Education: Equity, on the other hand, recognizes and addresses the diverse needs of students, aiming to level the playing field and provide everyone with the support necessary to succeed. It involves distributing resources and opportunities based on individual requirements, ensuring that students receive what they need to achieve their full potential. In an equitable education system, students from disadvantaged backgrounds are given extra support to overcome systemic barriers and bridge opportunity gaps.

Our expert guest on this Episode is Jeff Duncan-Andrade, PH.D. Andrade is a teacher and professor of Latina/o Studies and Race and Resistance Studies at San Francisco State University. He’s also the author of Equality or Equity: Toward a Model of Community-Responsive Education.

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