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A home visit from a teacher before the start of the school year can be incredibly beneficial for both the students and the teacher. Here are some ways in which it can help:

  1. Building rapport: A home visit allows the teacher to establish a personal connection with the student and their family in a comfortable and familiar environment. This rapport can build a positive teacher-student relationship throughout the school year.
  2. Understanding the student’s experience: Visiting their home provides insight into their living conditions, family dynamics, and cultural background. This understanding can help the teacher tailor their approach to teaching and create a more inclusive and supportive classroom environment.
  3. Identifying individual needs: During the home visit, the teacher can observe the student’s learning space, study habits, and any specific challenges they may face. This information can help the teacher identify individual learning needs and develop strategies to support the student’s academic progress.
  4. Addressing concerns early: If there are any concerns about the student’s academic or emotional well-being, a home visit provides an opportunity to address them proactively. Early intervention can prevent potential issues from escalating and ensure the student starts the school year on the right foot.
  5. Discussing academic goals and expectations: The teacher can use the home visit to discuss educational goals and set expectations with the student and their family. This clarity can motivate students to perform well and instill a sense of responsibility for their education.
  6. Encouraging parental involvement: Home visits can encourage parents or guardians to participate in their child’s education actively. It opens up lines of communication between the teacher and the family, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.
  7. Reducing anxiety and easing transitions: For younger students or those entering a new school, a home visit can ease the anxiety associated with unfamiliar settings and new people. Meeting the teacher in a familiar environment can help them feel more at ease when school starts.
  8. Personalizing learning experiences: Knowing more about the student’s interests and hobbies through a home visit allows the teacher to incorporate relevant and engaging learning materials into their lessons, making the educational experience more enjoyable and effective.
  9. Supporting students with special needs: For students with special needs or learning disabilities, a home visit can be especially beneficial. It allows the teacher to understand the student’s specific challenges and create an individualized education plan tailored to their requirements.

Our guest in Episode 247 is Valerie Lovato. She teaches elementary school at Eagleton Elementary in Denver, Colorado.  In her school district, it’s encouraged to conduct home visits with upcoming students’ families right around the start of the school year.

Lavato knows it’s one of those things that a teacher can procrastinate on, but she says, “Once you start, you don’t want to stop.”

She’s been doing home visits for several years but admits it’s complicated. It’s one thing for educators to talk about doing home visits; it’s another to accomplish the ambitious task. Lavato says that the most challenging part is just getting started each year.

“That very first phone call, and telling families, I want to come to your house and visit you at your home, in your space. Making that first phone call, I always get butterflies, even now,” says Lavato.

Overall, a home visit from a teacher before the start of the school year helps foster a strong teacher-student relationship, encourages parental involvement, and enables a more personalized and supportive learning experience for the students. It is a valuable practice that positively affects a student’s educational journey.

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