Sunday, December 16, 2018

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Episode 70: Why a liberal arts degree is more valuable than you think

Liberal Arts in Crisis? You don't have to look hard to find news stories and books questioning the value of higher education. Bryan Caplan recently...

Episode 10: You’re the Aquarium Guy

A science teacher wanted his students to experience the outdoors and wildlife, but because of budget constraints and logistical challenges it made field trips...
three dimensional gift

Episode 08- The Three-Dimensional Gift

“3D Printing” This week we have special guest Jayda Pugliese, Ms. Pugliese fought to get a 3D printer for her classroom and what she did...
Vision for Baltimore

Glasses Gap: Can free eyeglasses for students in need boost test scores?

Over the next couple of years Baltimore City schools are hoping to answer a question that you may be surprised has never been asked. Can you close the reading gap between poor and wealthy students, by simply providing students in need with free glasses. 
Hamish Brewer Skateboard Giveaway

Episode 55: All in – Why this principal moved his office to the middle...

Part two of a two-part interview. To many Hamish Brewer is known as the tattooed skateboarding principal. However, he's also earned a reputation as a fixer. His...