Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Episode 138: How one educator tackled three natural disasters

Dr. Ben Burnett served as a school administrator through two powerful tornadoes and Hurricane Katrina. Most school administrators are fortunate enough to make it their...

Episode 39: Writing Strategies with Jennifer Serravallo

When she's not writing her next best selling book, Jennifer Serravallo travels to school districts around the country working as a literacy consultant. Serravallo...

Episode 114: Ways to energize students at the start of the school year

Lay a foundation with your students on day one On the first day or two of school, it can be tempting to want to lay...

Episode 34: How to talk to students about fake news

The ability to consume news on our phones and computers is an incredible tool. With a few clicks, we have access to endless information about current events, politics,  and pop...
Tara Bordeaux Texas Teacher of the Year

Episode 25: Triumph ​- Texas Teacher of the Year was once a high school...

Tara Bordeaux was named 2018 Teacher of the Year by the state of Texas. She built a nationally recognized media arts program at Lanier...

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