Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Fortnight Lessons Classroom Curriculum

Episode 46: Make Fortnite a vehicle for your classroom lessons

Packed with alliteration, math, and geography Teens and tweens around the world are hooked on Fortnite. When kids are not in school, they're rushing home...
Vision for Baltimore

Glasses Gap: Can free eyeglasses for students in need boost test scores?

Over the next couple of years Baltimore City schools are hoping to answer a question that you may be surprised has never been asked. Can you close the reading gap between poor and wealthy students, by simply providing students in need with free glasses. 
Novel Math Class

Episode 43: Why this educator reads a novel to his pre-algebra class

For more than a decade, Joel Bezaire has been reading "The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time" to his pre-algebra students. The main...

Episode 138: How one educator tackled three natural disasters

Dr. Ben Burnett served as a school administrator through two powerful tornadoes and Hurricane Katrina. Most school administrators are fortunate enough to make it their...
book deserts

Ep. 83: Meet the teacher determined to end “book deserts”

Project LIT Back in 2016, English teacher Jarred Amato read an article in the Atlantic about "book deserts;" areas where printed books are hard to...

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