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Episode 139: Your school is struck by a tornado. What next?

Dr. Ben Burnett served as a school administrator through Hurricane Katrina but he never imagined he would face two more powerful tornadoes later in...

Can schools help overcome the disadvantage of poverty?

Inequitable from the starting line When illustrating the need for systems of support in our schools', Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor Paul Reville uses...

Episode 13: The Disillusionment Phase – With Roxanna Elden

Sometime in October or November, thousands of new teachers hit a wall.  They're sleep deprived, they've made a few mistakes, and they start to question whether or not they picked the right career.  It's known as the disillusionment phase.

Nat Geo Writer Offers a New Approach to Teaching Biology

Only 1% of the things in our body make us human.  Doug Chadwick is a wildlife biologist, author, and frequent National Geographic contributor. During his...

Episode 51: Replacing detention with meditation

When teachers at Robert W. Coleman Elementary in Baltimore are struggling with a students' behavior, the educators have an alternative to detention. They can...

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