Saturday, October 24, 2020

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Episode 123: Why a school created this wellness​ room for teachers

We've seen wellness and mindfulness rooms for students, but this public school decided to create one for their teachers. For more than 30 years Debbi Rakowsky...

Episode 39: Writing Strategies with Jennifer Serravallo

When she's not writing her next best selling book, Jennifer Serravallo travels to school districts around the country working as a literacy consultant. Serravallo...
Tara Bordeaux Texas Teacher of the Year

Episode 25: Triumph ​- Texas Teacher of the Year was once a high school...

Tara Bordeaux was named 2018 Teacher of the Year by the state of Texas. She built a nationally recognized media arts program at Lanier...

Will COVID-19 cause us to rethink school design?

Better and Safer The world is racing for a vaccine to COVID-19. If we're lucky, we'll have one in late 2020 or early 2021. But...

Episode 23: How To – DonorsChoose.Org

Many teachers are turning to DonorsChoose.Org to fund classroom projects. Several times during the production of the Class Dismissed Podcast, the organization's name has...

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