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Episode 09 – ‘Books on Bikes’ replaces the Ice Cream Truck

Books on Bikes Some educators in Charlottesville Virginia have come up with a creative way to prevent the "summer slide", tendency for students, to lose...
Vision for Baltimore

Glasses Gap: Can free eyeglasses for students in need boost test scores?

Over the next couple of years Baltimore City schools are hoping to answer a question that you may be surprised has never been asked. Can you close the reading gap between poor and wealthy students, by simply providing students in need with free glasses. 

Jennifer Serravallo’s strategies for connecting with students online

Typically, authors write books with the hope that their words will live in perpetuity. Texts that will be read and analyzed for decades to...

Episode 23: How To – DonorsChoose.Org

Many teachers are turning to DonorsChoose.Org to fund classroom projects. Several times during the production of the Class Dismissed Podcast, the organization's name has...

Episode 60: “See Me After Class” author pens hilarious new novel about working in...

What if the hit tv show "The Office" took place at a school? That's what you may think as you read Roxanna Elden's book, "Adequate...

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