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Ep. 74: “Distant Reading” – Students analyze sports, rap and books with computers

Who's the best rapper? "Who's the best rap artist?" This a question that one of Peter Nilsson's high school students wanted to answer. For most high...
Dr. Jo Boaler Podcast Class Dismissed

Episode 52: What we’re doing wrong in math education with Dr. Jo Boaler

The "math person" myth Far too frequently educators hear students say "I'm not a math person." Children and even adults convince themselves that they're "built" for...
Novel Math Class

Episode 43: Why this educator reads a novel to his pre-algebra class

For more than a decade, Joel Bezaire has been reading "The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time" to his pre-algebra students. The main...

Episode 60: “See Me After Class” author pens hilarious new novel about working in...

What if the hit tv show "The Office" took place at a school? That's what you may think as you read Roxanna Elden's book, "Adequate...
Vision for Baltimore

Glasses Gap: Can free eyeglasses for students in need boost test scores?

Over the next couple of years Baltimore City schools are hoping to answer a question that you may be surprised has never been asked. Can you close the reading gap between poor and wealthy students, by simply providing students in need with free glasses. 

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