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Harvard Professor: Here’s how to bring empathy and SEL into your classroom

In K-12 education, there's a strong push for STEM education. It's for good reason, math and science are important. But where should social-emotional learning...

Episode 18 – Flipping your classroom

Flipped learning is a pedagogy that's becoming more common in classrooms around the country. Classes are traditional structured where class time is reserved for the...

Why it’s crucial to make an “emotional deposit” with students

Connecting with your students CJ Reynolds admits that there are a lot of things that he has to focus on to be a better teacher....

Ep. 74: “Distant Reading” – Students analyze sports, rap and books with computers

Who's the best rapper? "Who's the best rap artist?" This a question that one of Peter Nilsson's high school students wanted to answer. For most high...
three dimensional gift

Episode 08- The Three-Dimensional Gift

“3D Printing” This week we have special guest Jayda Pugliese, Ms. Pugliese fought to get a 3D printer for her classroom and what she did...

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