Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Episode 109: Using Restorative Practices​ in the Classroom

The idea of using restorative practices in the classroom is straightforward. Educators build, and as needed, repair relationships with students, all in an effort...

“Survivorman” makes a strong case for outdoor education

You may know "Survivorman" from the hit Discovery Channel TV show (2000-2018), Les Stroud's passion for the outdoors has driven him to some of the...

How to grab the attention of your distracted students

Distracted students are not a new problem. It's easy to blame technology as a leading factor in distracting our students. iPhones, video games, and social...

Ep. 70: Why a liberal arts degree is more valuable than you think

Liberal Arts in Crisis? You don't have to look hard to find news stories and books questioning the value of higher education. Bryan Caplan recently...

Why it’s crucial to make an “emotional deposit” with students

Connecting with your students CJ Reynolds admits that there are a lot of things that he has to focus on to be a better teacher....

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