Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Episode 129: Power to the “Late Bloomer”

We shouldn't obsess over early achievement. We live in a world where we applaud kids that do amazing things at a young age, but Rich...
three dimensional gift

Episode 08- The Three-Dimensional Gift

“3D Printing” This week we have special guest Jayda Pugliese, Ms. Pugliese fought to get a 3D printer for her classroom and what she did...

Are Open Educational Resources (OER) right for your district?

Each year public schools spend millions of dollars on copyright-protected textbooks. Districts do this even though we now live in a digitally dominated world...

Episode 60: “See Me After Class” author pens hilarious new novel about working in...

What if the hit tv show "The Office" took place at a school? That's what you may think as you read Roxanna Elden's book, "Adequate...

Will COVID-19 cause us to rethink school design?

Better and Safer The world is racing for a vaccine to COVID-19. If we're lucky, we'll have one in late 2020 or early 2021. But...

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