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Ep. 70: Why a liberal arts degree is more valuable than you think

Liberal Arts in Crisis? You don't have to look hard to find news stories and books questioning the value of higher education. Bryan Caplan recently...
Fortnight Lessons Classroom Curriculum

Episode 46: Make Fortnite a vehicle for your classroom lessons

Packed with alliteration, math, and geography Teens and tweens around the world are hooked on Fortnite. When kids are not in school, they're rushing home...

Episode 139: Your school is struck by a tornado. What next?

Dr. Ben Burnett served as a school administrator through Hurricane Katrina but he never imagined he would face two more powerful tornadoes later in...
Lynn Brunelle Turn this book into a beehive

Episode 40: Making Science Fun Again

How can you make science cool?Lynn Brunelle is a four-time Emmy Award-winning writer for "Bill Nye the Science Guy," and she describes her time working...

A high energy, engaging plan for your first day back at school

Starting on the right foot On the first day or two of school, it can be tempting to want to lay the ground rules. You...

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