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Are Open Educational Resources (OER) right for your district?

Each year public schools spend millions of dollars on copyright-protected textbooks. Districts do this even though we now live in a digitally dominated world...

Episode 39: Writing Strategies with Jennifer Serravallo

When she's not writing her next best selling book, Jennifer Serravallo travels to school districts around the country working as a literacy consultant. Serravallo...

Ep. 67: Ways to make your classroom more inclusive

How to be inclusive and authentic Matthew Morris says that part of his journey becoming an educator involved a lot of reflecting on what school was...

How a K-12 software company built contact tracing and quarantine reports into their existing...

In much of the South, public school has been back in session for weeks. School admins are already implementing in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning...

Episode 13: The Disillusionment Phase – With Roxanna Elden

Sometime in October or November, thousands of new teachers hit a wall.  They're sleep deprived, they've made a few mistakes, and they start to question whether or not they picked the right career.  It's known as the disillusionment phase.

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