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Oklahoma now has more than 1,400 emergency certified teachers. In mid-August the Oklahoma board of education approved 574 new emergency certificate request, bringing the state’s total to  1,429.

Oklahoma’s old record of 1,160 was set just last year.

It seems clear that the teacher shortage is a real issue for many states. In Episode 14 we speak with Desiree Carver-Thomas with the Learning Policy Institute about just how bad this crisis is.

The Learning Policy Institute just released new research and their findings indicate that students returning to school this year are entering one of the more than 100,000 classrooms across the country staffed by an instructor who is not fully qualified to teach.

However, there may be a fix. The Learning Policy Institute believes that if states can address attrition rates, the trend could be slowed and possibly even stopped.

In high-performing schools in Finland, Singapore, and Ontario, Canada—only about 3 to 4% of teachers leave in a given year.  For the past decade, that number has been hovering around 8% here in the United States.

Tune in to learn more from the Learning Policy Institute.

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