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Cellphone bagging, it’s becoming commonplace for big shows like Lumineer concerts and comedy acts like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

In fact, the Denver Post reports that Dave Chappelle recently requested that the Comedy Works club in Denver provide a cellphone bagging service as part of the agreement for him to perform there.

The Comedy Works club employed the services of Yondr. A startup that provides bags, AKA Yondr cases, that lock up your cellphone as you enter a venue. Once the cases are in the phone-free zone, the cases lock.

Yondr Bags

Attendees maintain possession of their phones and find themselves watching the show without distractions.  When attendees need to use their phones, they step outside of the phone free zone and the case unlocks.

A Denver Chemistry teacher experienced the Yondr cases first hand when she attended a show at the Comedy Works club and the rest is history.

Denver schools are now piloting a program with Yondr cases. The Denver Post reports that only  a half-dozen schools in the metro area are using — or have tried — Yondr as a service so far. Strive Prep’s Smart Academy in Denver, for example, purchased a handful of the phone cases for students for use during the 2016-17 school year, but opted not to continue using them this year.

Time will tell if Yondr like bags are right for schools, but it’s a trend that appears to be growing and could become an answer, to distracted students.

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