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Is there a student anywhere in the world that doesn’t love a school assembly? You know, that moment, your principal fires up the intercom and announces that we’re all headed to the auditorium to be entertained and inspired.

Unfortunately, these epic school congregations are another casualty of COVID 19. In fact, even if students return to the classroom, in the Fall of 2020, they will probably not experience in-person assemblies before a vaccine is created and distributed.

The halt of in-person assemblies hit Tyler Christensen pretty hard. The Utah elementary teacher didn’t just love them for the students, he’s actually headlined a few assemblies.

Pre-COVID, Christensen’s incredible weight loss journey, was highlighted at neighboring schools, and he was also scheduled to give a TED Talk just as the lockdown was being implemented.banda_206

However, rather than dwell on how his life was impacted, he shifted his focus to his students. Christensen created a new YouTube channel called Virtual School Assembly. During the past few months of the pandemic, he’s interview nearly 150 people. The goal is to give educators access to messages of encouragement and inspiration.

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