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In early 2022 NEFE and AmeriSpeak surveyed U.S. adults on high school financial education graduation requirements. 88% surveyed said their state should require a semester- or year-long financial education course for graduation.

Remarkably, only 14 states require personal finance education before graduation. 

Our guest on Episode 227, Jessica Pelletier, is the Executive Director of FitMoney. FitMoney is a philanthropic nonprofit that provides free financial literacy programs to help K-12 students.

Pelletier says that time is the biggest challenge for working in a financial literacy curriculum. She says many other great things to teach, and educators don’t have extra hours in the day. 

Another hurdle is that some educators don’t feel comfortable teaching personal finance. 

That’s why FitMoney has developed what they describe as a free, unbiased financial literacy curriculum. 

Pelletier says they make a note of “unbiased” because FitMoney doesn’t allow financial institutions’ logos, credit card applications, or data selling within their program  

“I think it’s really important, especially if you’re talking to young very impressionable audiences.” 

Pelletier also says that their curriculum is developed by educators, for educators. 

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