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Do we often pay attention to the conversations we’re having with children? Or is it just automatic? Rebecca Rolland, a speech pathologist, affiliated with Children’s Hospital Boston, has put together a guide to achieving what she calls “rich talk.” It is a deeper conversation that can transform your relationships with children.

The science of conversation has been around for centuries, but in the 21st century, it’s more important than ever. A great chat can boost your students’ learning and well-being years later.


Rolland’s new book, “The Art of Talking with Children,” is an evidence-based guide that will show you how to communicate with kids to feel understood while growing into happy adults who can connect better at home or school.

In Episode 223 of Class Dismissed, Rolland shares some of her strategies for engaging in rich talk. She offers ideas to promote children’s empathy, curiosity, and ability to embrace challenges. And she provides us with ideas to feel more effective and confident as a teacher.

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