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Navigate the negative energy

Often, someone in our lives may be surrounded by a negative energy. It may be a family member, a colleague, or maybe just a stranger on social media?

Allyson Apsey has been in education for 20 years and she’s currently a principal for the Zeeland Public School district in Michigan. For years she’s been sharing personal stories on her blog and researching strategies for understanding the source of negative energy. Much of her work is now included in her new book, The Path To Serendipity, which is a guide for living a meaningful life.

Understanding Basic Needs

In an interview on the Class Dismissed Podcast, Apsey shares the need for understanding  Glasser’s Five Basic Needs. Understanding the basic needs of others can lead to healthier relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.

Apsey says that behavior is information, so often we want to personalize someone else’s behavior and make it about us, but 99% of the time, their behavior has nothing to do with us.

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