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The first step to understanding something new is often the most challenging part. 

Our guest on Episode 239 of Class Dismissed explains why we must rethink how we teach students. 

He suggests we reconsider the three Rs – Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic and possibly replace those with some new Rs. Such as Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection.

Jose Antonio Bowen is the author of the hit book “Teaching Naked.” Bowen led innovation and change for over 35 years at Stanford, Georgetown, and the University of Southampton (UK), and he’s just released a new book. “Teaching Change: How to develop independent thinkers using Relationships Resilience, and Reflection.”

Drawing on new research, Bowen explores ways to prepare students better while also focusing less heavily on teachers themselves, instead placing greater emphasis on their process interactions within a learning environment. In “Teaching Change,” Bowen examines student psychology, history, assumptions, anxiety, and bias and advocates for education to focus on the new 3Rs—Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection.

In our interview with Bowen, he said critical thinking has become more crucial than ever.

“We have to teach them [students] process,” says Bowen. These three Rs are more about the process. The old three Rs were about content — Reading, Writing, Arithmetic — stuff you need to know.”

“Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection are more about what you need to know about yourself so that you can manage your own future change. Because my goal as a teacher is to make myself obsolete, so you don’t need me; you can think for yourself.” 

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