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Teachers, professors, educators, and instructors are suddenly in a place where they need to teach from home to their students.

Actor and Voice talent, David Lawrence XVII decided to create a free digital course designed specifically to educate teachers on how to select and set up a camera, microphone, lighting and all other gear they need to teach and to create a safe and effective online class culture.

”A teacher’s superpower is teaching, not knowing the ins and outs of cameras, mics, lights, and keeping our kids safe on Zoom,” Lawrence says.

The course will be free for a month, after a month the course will be $49.00.

Lawrence offers ways teachers can improve their online presence without having to purchase new equipment. For example, in a lesson about smartphones, Lawrence shares some settings that a lot of people are not familiar with. Such as the built-in autofocusing and auto exposure settings.

“A simple tap and hold on the screen on your phone as you’re getting it set up, will not only automatically focus on you but it will set and allow you to adjust for the permanent setting of the lighting,” says Lawrence. “It makes all the difference in the world in how professional you look when you use your phone.”

To hear more tips from Lawrence, including how to improve your audio and what type of background educators should be using their videos, tune into Episode 146 of Class Dismissed.

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