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  • The first bell has rung, but parents are still hanging out in the halls and classrooms.
  • I gave my PLC a principal performance survey, and the feedback was more negative than I was expecting.
  • Why won’t my boss give me positive feedback?

If you’re a principal, you can probably relate with one of these challenges. These learning opportunities are the driving force behind the Principal Hotline, an advice column on School Leaders Now.

In Episode 64 of Class Dismissed we talked with Amy Lynn Tompkins, the author of the Principal Hotline. Tompkins tells us what you can do if your parents are pulling a “Never-ending morning drop off.” You know, the involved parents that hang out well after the bell has rung. As Tompkins acknowledges, you don’t want to discourage parental involvement, but you also don’t want parents disrupting the learning environment. How do you find that happy medium?

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