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PledgeCents: Where Every Cent Counts

For decades, teachers have reached into their own pockets to purchase new technology and supplies for their classrooms. However, over the past few years, fundraising tools online like DonorsChoose and GoFundme have helped ease the burden for educators by connecting donors to teachers.

PledgeCents has emerged as a fast-growing alternative DonorsChoose, that educators should consider before selecting a crowdfunding platform. The Texas-based company has already helped fund over $2 million in projects for educators, churches, youth sports a, d non-profits.

AndyShea Saberioon is the CEO and Co-Founder of PledgeCents and he says what separates them from other crowdfunding platforms is that they don’t charge a platform fee.

Saberioon says PledgeCents also doesn’t refund the money if the project goal is not met.

“Other sites, if you have a goal of $1000 and you raise $999 they’ll refund the $999 to everyone who donated. As with us, you still keep that money,” says Saberioon.

Saberioon says it allows the teachers to have more flexibility and not be afraid to set a higher goal.

To hear more about PledgeCents, and to get a preview of Saberioon’s new Teachers Are Professionals Project, listen to Episode 62 of the Class Dismissed Podcast on your favorite podcast app or iTunes.

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