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The fantastic new tool, ChatGPT, is taking the tech world by storm, but it also could become a significant headache for English teachers throughout the country.

ChatGPT software is built on the architecture of GPT-3, with some ~175 billion parameters, but what separates ChatGPT relative to other AI breakthroughs is that it’s super easy to use. You type something, and it spits something back to you. “Tell me a joke,” “write a recipe for pecan pie in the style of a pirate,” and “explain long division to a ten-year-old”… ChatGPThas a — pretty convincing — response for all.

However, you can also type in prompts like, “write me a 300 essay about ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird'” or “give me 500 words about Greek Mythology.” And you get meaningful results. So you can probably imagine how students could abuse the power of ChatGPT.

In this Episode of Class Dismissed, we put ChatGPT to the test. Can it churn out results that could fool educators? Or is it just a tool educators need to keep an eye on, like CliffNotes? 

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