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It’s no secret that mental health care can be expensive and difficult to access, especially for young people. This can be a huge problem for students, who often face significant stressors. Bridging the gap in student access to mental health care can alleviate some of these stressors.

Dr. Travis Gayles, a recent recipient of the AMA Award for Outstanding Service for his leadership during the pandemic, is an expert on child health access, especially as it relates to what kids have been up against for the past two years.

In Episode 220 of Class Dismissed, Gayles tells about the stressors students face and how school districts are coming up with innovative new ways to get students access to school-based telehealthcare.

Hazel Health, the company Gayles works with, partners with schools to provide physical health, check-ups, and mental and behavioral health evaluations. They give students access to a network of doctors for speedy diagnoses and care plans, including urgent care, particularly in underserved communities with large populations of Medicaid-insured students.

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