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Adam Lavallee says a lot of math teachers are unsure as to how to start virtual learning. So the Pennsylvania teacher/learning design coach put together six ideas that can help educators get started.

Lavallee’s checklist has been featured in the Marshall Memo and in Episode 168 of Class Dismissed, Lavallee walks us through each of his ideas.

Before we dive into his ideas, it’s important to know that Lavallee says there is no “one size fits all” in the world of virtual learning. He considers his ideas a “strategy,” which can zig and zag for each individual educators. “Teachers know their classrooms the best,” he says. “They know their students, they know themselves, and to say here is the only solution wouldn’t be honoring the experiences of each individual teacher.”

Lavallee’s Six Shifts for Math Teachers Online

  • Content: Identify the essentials.
  • Delivery: Make strategic use of asynchronous and synchronous instruction.
  • Reframe HomeWork: Call it “Practice”.
  • Feedback: Make feedback immediate, metacognitive, and collaborative.
  • Interaction: Organize strategic check-ins.
  • Assessment: A three-fold approach to summative assessment in math

To hear a breakdown of each of Lavallee’s shifts listen to Episode 168 of Class Dismissed on your favorite podcast app or iTunes. Or you can read more on Lavallee’s website.

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