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Play can help you remember things for longer

Learning through play is an excellent way for children and adults to develop new skills, but it’s also a great way to alleviate stress and trauma and tap into different parts of the mind. 

Our guest on Episode 244 of Class Dismissed is an expert on learning through play. Dr. Bo Stjerne Thomsen is the Vice-President and Chair of Learning through Play in the LEGO Foundation.

The Lego Foundation has partner researchers and labs worldwide that study learning through play. And they have also released a study on children, technology, and play.

Thomsen and the LEGO Foundation have examined the science behind learning through play, and they know that children have wholly emerged in learning when being hands-on with toys and trying things out.

“First, you understand things much deeper when you test it try it out,” says Thomsen. “You basically remember things for longer and understand concepts better.”

In this episode of Class Dismissed, Thomsen dives into the skills learned while playing.

  • Attention
  • Limiting Distractions
  • Retain information while building (Working memory)
  • Recognizing symbols – Same as language?
  • Spatial abilities, quantify, sort, and count. 
  • Regulating Emptional Frustration

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