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Redefining Success

What does success look like? Is it about being the best in the world or is about being the best for the world? It’s key to a mindset raised by Austrailian Researcher Ash Buchanan, and it resonated with educator Robert Ward the first time it was brought to his attention.

Ward has been teaching students in Los Angeles, CA for over two decades and he’s authored several books, but after studying the Benefit Mindset, he couldn’t help but contemplate how he could apply the Benefit Mindset model to education.

Teaching the Benefit Mindset

As a result, Ward penned his latest book, “Teaching The Benefit Mindset.” Ward has always believed that developing self-confidence is important, but he says the “Benefit Mindset” takes that confidence to the next level.

“Personal success should only be a beginning,” says Ward. “Now, how can I share my passions, how can I find my purpose in the world.”

“Teaching the Benefit Mindset” focuses on how the education community can work together in teaching students to think outwardly.

Ward says parents should be asking their kids “What is the one thing you did for others today?” And educators should reassess what praise they heap on their students. Success shouldn’t just be measured by grades.

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