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Our Favorite Question.

We’ve had dozens of teachers, scientists, professors, and authors on the Class Dismissed Podcast. All of our guests have graciously participated in the “Pop Quiz” segment of our show, and all of them have answered our favorite question.

Which teacher changed your life and why?

“Who would have imagined I would have gone to MIT and started this whole program”

-Dr. Steven Farber – Carnegie Institute for Science

What’s so great about this question?

We love this question because it triggers nostalgia. It requires our guest to reflect on their childhood and pinpoint a moment where a teacher made a profound impact on their life.

The answer also offers current teachers insight into what makes a teacher great.

What do they say?

Dr. Steven Farber – Scientist

“That one’s easy! My fourth-grade teacher,” said Dr. Steven Farber. Farber now runs a groundbreaking zebrafish lab at the Carnegie Institute for Science. “She asked me to teach the class electricity.”

Farber credits his fourth-grade teacher with “getting him out of his shell” and says he wonders if he would have been a scientist today if it were not for that teacher.

“Who would have imagined I would have gone to MIT and started this whole program [BioEyes].”

Jayda Pugliese – Educator

“My eighth-grade teacher Ms. Crawson. She’s the one that gave me confidence,” said Philadelphia teacher Jayda Pugliese. Pugliese, a Milken Award Winner, was our guest in Episode 08 to discuss her classrooms incredible work with a 3D Printer.

Pugliese talked about how her hearing is impaired and when she was in the eighth-grade classmates would bully her about her disability.

“I said to my teacher that I’m going to end up with a job that only people with disabilities have. And she [the teacher] was like no, you can do whatever you want don’t listen to anyone.”

Pugliese says her eighth-grade teacher challenged her to “show the bullies that they were all wrong.” So Pugliese did.”

Kim Bearden – Educator and Founder of the Ron Clark Academy

“Mrs. Brown, my seventh-grade English teacher,” said Kim Bearden, Founder of the Ron Clark Academy. “I wanted to walk like her, talk like her, smell like her. I wanted to be Mrs. Brown.”

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