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Showcase your students progress

The idea of a student digital portfolio is for the pupil to collect their achievements as digital artifacts and then display those online — often that’s a website. The practice is growing in popularity across the country, and Class Dismissed tracked down a district that’s seeing results.

“It’s the idea of having a showcase place or place where students can curate their work. Their successes, their failures, the things they care about, some of their classwork, things like that,” says Daniel Whitt, the instructional technology coordinator for Madison City Schools in Madison, Alabama. “The basic concept for all students is practicing constant ‘show then reflect,’”

Whitt is a champion of Digital Portfolios at his district, and he and his colleagues have compiled tools to implement the curriculum.

In Episode 94 we chat with Whitt about the need and challenges for school districts to roll out a digital portfolios curriculum.

“The idea here is to showcase things that are not easily quantified,” says Daniel Whitt with Madison City schools in Madison Alabama.

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Other Notes

During the episode, Whitt refers to a Google Drive with tools for success. That Google drive can be found by following this link.

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