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Spreading the Anti-Bullying Message

Mary Ann Mangini is an accomplished singer and musical theater performer, but she’s also a teacher and mentor.

Four years ago, Mangini created a youth show choir called the FANTASTIX. The group travels around the Pittsburg Pennsylvania area performing at nursing homes and community events, but one of their programs is now resonating with students.

Last year, Mangini wrote, “You Are Worth It,” a musical performed by her students, that tackles verbal harassment, cyberbullying, and physical bullying.

“It’s (bullying) just such a sad epidemic, and it doesn’t always stop at the school level, and it can carry on through adulthood,” says Mangini.

Mangini says that “You Are Worth It” does get a little intense at times and says they’ve had a couple of kids cry during the show.

Mangini openly admits that even she has been a victim of bullying as an adult. And what better way to make a difference than to communicate an anti-bullying message from students to students.

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