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For the past ten years, Dr. Andrew (AJ) Ogilvie has been working with students on writing and communication.

The University of Southern California professor knows first hand the challenges students face while transitioning from K-12 to higher education and in Episode 69 of the Class Dismissed podcast we asked Ogilvie about what writing habits he tries to get his students to break when they begin at the university level.

Know your Audience

Ogilvie says there are two things all writers struggle with, but they’re especially common in the first year of college.

  1. Audience Analysis
  2. Revision

Ogilvie says teachers should focus on finding writing projects for students that are as real to the students’ lives as possible.

“A really great example would be having students submit an op-ed to the high school paper,” said Ogilvie. “Because the audience is their peers and maybe they have a particular concern or issue that they think would be addressed in an op-ed.”

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