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The Cutting Edge Pencil

Have you ever considered that a pencil is a piece of technology? It once was considered cutting-edge technology. Michael Cohen, who’s also known as “The Tech Rabbi” says that there was a time where some philosophers felt that a pencil could destroy academia. There was concern that a pencil could disrupt the teacher-student bond and hinder learning.

It’s this big picture perspective and deep thought that has helped propel Cohen to being considered one of the upcoming thought leaders in K-12 education. Over the past few years, The Tech Rabbi has been a featured speaker at ISTE, SXSW EDU, and Apple Education events.

The Educated By Design Project

Cohen’s message to educators focuses on creativity and design. Before he jumped into the world of education ten years ago, he was a designer. He helped create marketable content for businesses. Now that Cohen is an educator, he assists schools in leveraging creative thinking and technology.

In Episode 63 of the Class Dismissed podcast, we talk to Cohen about how he motivates teachers and students to find their creative side and why he treats empathy like a currency.

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Other Show Notes

A 1985 Texas law requires high schools to help students register to vote. But most don’t.

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