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Heading back to public school

It’s the first week in August, and thousands of students and teachers are heading back to school today. One of those teachers is Class Dismissed co-host, Lissa Pruett. Lissa has been teaching children for over 16 years, but this school year, things are different. She’s signed on with a new public school district after spending six years teaching at a private school.

Consequently, Lissa is now somewhat of a “non-traditional teacher.” Much like someone in their mid-30s returning to college, Lissa has spent the past few weeks in new-teacher orientations. Surrounded by educators teachers fresh out of college, her new district has been bringing her up to speed on their new policies, procedures, and software.

So what’s it like being the new kid on the block with a masters degree in education and more than a decade and half of experience in the classroom?

Tune in to hear Lissa walk us through her story as the “non-traditional teacher.”

The Summer Slide

Also in this episode, we have a rebroadcast about educators in Charlottesville Virginia that have come up with a creative way to prevent the “summer slide.”

A group of teachers and librarians outfitted several bikes with individual cargo carriers, and they now deliver books in neighborhoods when the school libraries are closed. ‘Books on Bikes’ uses creative methods to draw students away from the video games and towards reading.

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