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Once a year, parents and students scramble to find gifts for teachers to honor them during teacher appreciation week. Starbucks gift cards, mugs, cupcakes, gift cards for more school supplies. They’re all things that teachers love to have and without a doubt, educators deserve to be recognized for all the amazing work they do.

But most teachers will tell you that the best gift has no monetary value. A simple “thank you” in the form of a note or in-person can be the best reward a teacher can receive.

Scott Olson, a psychology teacher from Maryland knows this first hand.  During Teacher Appreciation week he posted on Facebook…

“Dear former Students: For Teacher Appreciation Week, I’d love for my former students to reply to this post and tell me how they are doing and what they are doing now & maybe throw out a positive favorite memory about us, or maybe post about another teacher you remember fondly”

-Scott Olson

Olson received over 150 replies from past students and he joins us on Episode 49 of the Class Dismissed Podcast to tell us how it only reminded him why it can be so amazing to be an educator.

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