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The Role of Emotion in History Education

Dr. Dave Neumann is an Assistant Professor of History Education at Cal Poly Pomona and he was recently published in “Social Education” with his article titled “A feeling for the Past: The Role of Emotion in History Education.” 

Recently, some of Neumann’s students (future educators) were presenting their culminating model lessons in his history methods class and he noticed a crucial missing element to their presentation.

“The students had presented this model lesson in a pretty exemplary way, in terms of the content,” said Neumann. “But as I was sitting observing it, I noticed the rest of the students participating in it just really didn’t click with it, and I felt like something was missing.”

What became apparent to Neumann is that the students were missing the emotion in the lesson. His students had presented the topic in a very cold analytical way.

In Episode 132 of Class Dismissed, Neumann tells us what his students could have done better at that moment and he gives us some tips on how educators can bring more emotion into their lessons.

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