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How to be inclusive while remaining authentic

Matthew Morris says that part of his journey becoming an educator involved a lot of reflecting on what school was like when he was growing up.

“When I was going through my experiences as a child and thinking about some of my friends, even some of own my family, my own brother. It was kind of saddening for me to see some of the outcomes now as a grown man.

Morris says that some many of those family and friends are geniuses in their own right, but he feels like they got the short end of the deal.

“I feel that education was one of the biggest impediments to their lack of quote-unquote ‘traditional success,’” says Morris

Morris, a black male, now teaches middle schoolers in Toronto, he’s also a blogger, speaker, and anti-racism activist. He uses his blog to talk about culture and education, with an emphasis on how black males navigate institutional settings both as students and as teachers.

In Episode 67 of Class Dismissed we talk to Morris about a blog he authored titled “10 Ways To Make Your Classroom More Inclusive of Black Students”

Morris tells us what he thinks is missing to make a lot of classrooms more inclusive, and he has some tips on things that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow.

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