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The “Care Closet” makes sure students have the basics. So students can focus on learning.

Melissa Mann is an educator at Moores Mill Intermediate School in New Market Alabama. A few years ago she recognized that students, sometimes needed items like clothing, shoes, food, and toiletries. So Mann decided to do something about it, and helped create the Moores Mills first “Care Closet”.

We wanted the kids just to know that we’re here for you if you need us.


In Episode 103 of Class Dismissed, Melissa walks us through the challenges of creating such a hub to meet student needs. And she also gives us some tips on how to build trust with students so they are willing to accept help.

Resources mentioned in the Bright Idea Segment

Mann’s story was originally featured on EdSurge. During Episode 103, she credits Two Fish Ministries with assisting them with starting their Care Closet.

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