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Podcasting live so educators can learn

Each winter educators from around Mississippi gather in Jackson for the Mississippi Educational Computing Association, better known as MECA.

Recording a live Podcast from the event is becoming somewhat of a Class Dismissed tradition because it allows for us to interview the MECA keynote speakers. It’s also an opportunity for those of us at Class Dismissed to teach educators how they can set up a podcast for themselves or their students.

Our Guests

This year we had the privilege of interview Oxford Assistant Superintendent Bradley Roberson and Oxford Math Coach Brian “Buck” Buckhalter.

Roberson, a believer in change, is pushing his school district to adapt to new teaching styles to better fit the needs of Generation-Z. Roberson knows that Gen-Z students are always “plugged in” and he says that the classroom is not about acquiring knowledge anymore.

“We have to able to implement a curriculum to where students can transfer the knowledge we’re giving them to new situations,” says Roberson.

This means that school districts need to design an autonomous classroom where students can leave the class and still act independently, transferring their knowledge to new and unique situations.

Roberson’s colleague, Buckhalter knows there are a lot of strongholds that can get in the way of building a new curriculum for Generation-Z. But Buck believes that can all be overcome with love. During our recording, Buck shared what he calls “The Story of Moises.” It’s a beautiful story that you won’t want to miss.

To hear our full interview with Roberson and Buck, listen to Episode 87 of the Class Dismissed Podcast. You can find Class Dismissed in your favorite podcast app or on iTunes.

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