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Storytelling is one of the original methods of sharing experiences and lessons. A well-told story can grab a person’s attention and help the listener absorb complex details.

Catherine Heinemeyer is a postdoctoral researcher and arts practitioner at York St. John University in England and she recently penned the article “The dying art of storytelling in the classroom”.

Heinemeyer points out that while storytelling can have an incredible influence, it’s becoming endangered in the classroom. In part, because of the idea that students are always actively learning.

In Episode 48 of the Class Dismissed Podcast. Heinemeyer offers ways educators can integrate storytelling into their lessons.

“You don’t need to be an amazing storyteller to get people really listening. There are certain kinds of trigger words signalled to us as human beings.”, says Heinemeyer.

To hear more about those trigger words listen to Episode 48 of the Class Dismissed Podcast.

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