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Class Dismissed Best of 2018

It’s been an incredible year for the Class Dismissed Podcast. We were just named as one of the “Best Teacher Podcasts”. Plus, we now have listeners in all 50 states and 61 countries.

The success of the show would not be possible without our listeners and all the incredible educators we’ve interviewed.

In Episode 81, we’re reflecting on some of our favorite interviews and we’re highlighting our most downloaded episode and our most clicked on webpage.

Favorite Episodes

Episode 54: Leading with love – The secret weapon of this tattooed principal – Hamish Brewer is not your typical principal. He rides his skateboard through the school, tattoos cover his arms, and he high-fives students as he walks through the halls. However, Brewer expects and receives results from his students and teachers.

Episode 73: Meet the educator that’s teaching a class about Anthony Bourdain –  Kennedy, who has a Ph.D. in 20th Century American Literature and Film, started to analyze why Bourdain’s death had such a personal impact. And he realized all the brilliant ways Bourdain looked at cultural studies, film studies, and literary studies.

Episode 43: Why this educator reads a novel to his pre-algebra class – For more than a decade, Joel Bezaire has been reading “The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time” to his pre-algebra students.

The main character in the mystery novel is a 15-year-old boy who has a form of autism and is very gifted in mathematics. Bezaire says that as the book progresses, his students really come to enjoy and connect with the character.

Most Listened To

Episode 72: Taking the fuzziness out of reading comprehension with Jennifer Serravallo – Bestselling author Jennifer Serravallo is already a rock star in the education community. Her previous books, “The Writing Strategies Book” and “The Reading Strategies Book”  have helped thousands of educators offer strategies for reading and writing.  Now, Serravallo is out with a new guide designed to help teachers make sense of reading comprehension.

“Understanding Texts & Readers” offers the tools for an educator to identify if a student is comprehending a book, even if an educator is not familiar with the book the student is reading.

Most Clicked On Webpage

Episode 46: Make Fortnite a vehicle for your classroom lessons – Teens and tweens around the world are hooked on Fortnite. When kids are not in school, they’re rushing home to hop on their Xbox or PlayStation to play one of the most popular video games in years. This past January, Epic Games said the title had more than 45 million players. But did you know Fortnite is packed with lessons of alliteration, math, and geography?

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