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The state of civics education in the United States

The push for impactful STEM education over the past decade has made a positive difference in preparing our youth. But have other areas suffered? Civics, for example?  

Our guest in today’s bright idea segment is here to offer us some perspective on the state of civics education here in the United States. 

Holly Korby is a Journalist, Speaker, and Author of “Building Better Citizens,” and when asked to grade the nation on the state of civics education, she gives us a C-. 

Citing Horace Mann’s writings from the 1800s, Korby notes, “The entire American public education system was created just to deliver civics education.” The goal was to have informed citizens that understood how our government worked. But Korby says we’re not living up to that. 

She says that some states, such as Massachusetts and Illinois, are doing a great job with civics education, but overall it’s a “patchwork system.” 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are some things educators can do to better inform students about civics, and that’s what we talked to Korby about in Episode 229 of Class Dismissed. 

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