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The number of emerging companies in the EdTech space can be overwhelming for school districts. The fast growth of new K-12 software companies is due, in part, to COVID 19 and a subsequent surge in ESSER funds.

Our guest in Episode 221 is an expert in parsing through the EdTech space. Doug Roberts is the Founder and CEO of the Institute for Education Innovation. The institute acts as a liaison between EdTech companies and Superintendents to help create the best products for school districts.

In this episode, Roberts dives into the technological changes we experienced in K-12 education during the pandemic. But, according to Roberts, the impact COVID-19 made on the EdTech sector was not necessarily negative.

“You’re seeing a complete shift in the thinking about what is possible,” says Roberts. In addition, Roberts notes that we’re starting to see a massive influx of telehealth which can bring services to kids that may not otherwise have access.

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