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Spark in the Classroom

Adobe Spark has been around for about four years, but recently, Adobe made a big push to gear their product towards education.

Dr. Monica Burns is an EdTech Consultant and founder of the Class Tech Tips Website and has been working with Spark since the product was in its infancy.

“What gets me really excited about it is how open-ended it is,” says Burns. “It really is a storytelling tool that lets you use voice, text, icons, images, video clips you’ve captured, combining all different types of media to produce really three different types of products.”

Those three products are a movie, a website or a graphic.

Burns says students can use Spark for persuasive writing activities. Such as an exercise where pupils create a public service announcement. Or Spark can be used in robust applications like building digital portfolios.

To hear more from Burns and about Adobe Spark listen to Episode 47 of the Class Dismissed Podcast.

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