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In a powerful display of healing and unity, hundreds of teachers and staff members from Charlottesville City schools sang “Lean on Me” in unison Tuesday.

The powerful scene happened during a convocation just days after the violence that shook Charlottesville, VA and the nation.

In the video you see teachers and members of the community holding glow sticks while singing as one. The glow sticks were used to symbolize light coming from darkness.

Charlottesville resident Rachel Zahumensky Wilson posted the video on her Facebook page and asked for everyone to share “so the world sees us for you we really are.”

You can watch the video below. (Be sure and toggle the volume on)


Wilson told ABC news, “It was emotional…We’re all still kind of processing what happened here and figuring out how to help our students process it and also continue on with what we need to do as educators.”

ABC news reports that convocation was actually already planned before the protest. It was scheduled to be the teachers’ kick off for the new school year. Officials decided to change the tone of the event changed after the violent weekend events.

Students attending school at Charlottesville City Schools will start class August 23.

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