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The ability to consume news on our phones and computers is an incredible tool. With a few clicks, we have access to endless information about current events, politics,  and pop culture.

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in August 2017, 43% of Americans report often getting news online, just 7 percentage points lower than the 50% who often get news on television.

But the convenience the information age offers is not without consequences.  Over the past decade, we’ve seen an increase in websites offering poorly sourced and sometimes intentionally fake information.

David Cutler is a high school history and journalism teacher in Massachusetts and he recognizes the importance of teaching how to distinguish between legitimate news sources and news sites designed strictly for political or monetary gain.

Cutler authored a column featured on PBS Newshour titled “How I use George Washington to make kids care about fake news.” and he went into detail on his methods on Episode 34.

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