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Some teachers in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area are upset their new Superintendent does not want them to wear Capri pants to school.

WXIA NBC in Atlanta reports that Douglas County superintendent, Trent North, sent an email to teaches that reads…

“Please emphasize the expectation that attire be professional and appropriate. Some items of clothing that are not appropriate for work include jeans (except on Fridays), flip flops, sneakers, leggings (except when worn with an appropriate length dress), shorts and Capris.”

In an interview with WXIA, North emphasized that there’s no ban on Capri pants, but the district does have the expectation that Capri pants should not be worn.

North has reportedly been Superintendent for just a few months, and he decided to send the email after some staff had asked about dress code.

“A longer version of shorts, it isn’t business. It isn’t professional,” North said to WXIA. “If a teacher comes into the building with pants just above the ankle, no one is going to say a word.”

Despite the controversy, North says he stands behind his decision.

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