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Uber Bad Form?

In episode two, Uber is targeting teachers for drivers, is this an opportunity for teachers or is Uber just being opportunistic?Unknown.png






Making the “Graide”


We’ll tell you about a new start-up that says they’ll grade teachers papers- for a fee.

History Lesson

It’s graduation season , but do you have any idea as to why we wear caps and gowns?

Bright Idea

Special Guest: Superintendent Hugh Kight of Montgomery County Schools in Georgia tells us about his creative and cost-effective plan to improve literacy in his rural community.Hugh-Kight-Eagle-Express-Mobile-Lab (2) Microsoft PowerPoint, Today at 8.06.09 AM

Kight quickly raised funds and purchased a used bus to create the Eagle Express. The Eagle Express is designed to expose children to a broad vocabulary during their developmental years. His idea can be applied in any community in the country.

You can hear all the details about Kight’s plans with the Eagle Express in Episode 02.

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