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Schools in the Houston area scrambled to get the doors open with minimal delay earlier this week. On Monday, twelve independents school districts navigated through the complicated logistics caused by the flooding of Hurricane Harvey and approximately 80 percent of the schools in the area were able to restore some sense of normalcy to students.

James Jubran is a teacher in the Alief Independent School District in Houston. He was originally a guest on the Class Dismissed Podcast back in Episode 10. Jubran built an incredible 1,100-gallon aquarium that mimics the Amazon river.

After Harvey, we first followed-up with Jubran via email on August 29, just a few days after Harvey’s impact.

“School has been closed since Friday and will continue being closed through at least the rest of the week,” Jubran wrote.

“I have no idea what the shape of the tank is, let alone the school. All I know is that a lot of people have water in their homes. I’ve been out helping evacuate people on my boat the past couple days.”

Two weeks later, we spoke with Jubran again to find out how his colleagues and students are managing after the Hurricane Harvey. We also asked him about the status of his school and that incredible aquarium.

You can listen to his full interview in Episode 16.

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