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How you can restock on school supplies in January–For Free!

This is brilliant! Does your community have a teacher supply swap? Baltimore has a teacher supply swap every year. In fact, they have away more than $90,000 in school supplies since its opening in summer 2014.

The event allows teachers that buy their own supplies to exchange excess supplies with other teachers. Teachers pay a small annual fee of $10, to fill-up five baskets of supplies and drop off what they don’t need. The idea is so simple, but we can help but ask ourselves, why didn’t we think of that?

Colorado to arm teachers in the classroom

Colorado is taking new steps to arm a select few teachers at their schools. The BBC reports that staff members can go through a three day training course, which includes firearms and medical training.  So far, seventeen teachers in Weld County Colorado have taken part in the pilot program.

What’s the most creative cheating method?

All teachers have had students try to cheat on their test at some point, but what’s the most brazen or creative way you’ve seen your students cheat. That very question was posed on Reddit recently and some of the answers are incredible.

One teacher tells the story of a student writing the answers to the test within her henna tattoos. The teacher said, from a distance, you couldn’t see the writing. It just looked like body art.

Listen to Episode 05 to hear about more cheaters that may deserve an ‘A’ for effort.


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