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Too Harsh?

In episode three of Class Dismissed, five Ohio teachers were forced to resign after they grabbed some drinks on their dinner break. We discuss whether the punishment fits the crime?



Chronic Absenteeism

Absenteeism disrupts students’ learning and ultimately costs school districts thousands. FullSizeRender.jpgRuss Davis with SchoolStatus explains how  districts can fight back.

“What’s the point of the half-day?”

Meanwhile, Lissa wants to know if we can do-away with the half-day and she’s not alone. YouTube star, “Whoa Susannah” agrees that the half-day can be a little baffling.



Diploma Mills?

Online credit recovery is helping graduation rates in some districts, but one publication claims it’s selling students short.

Russ explains the pros and cons of credit recovery programs.


Bright Idea

Our ‘Bright Idea’ segment highlights Scott Olson.

Scott was recently featured in the Baltimore Sun for receiving an amazing gift for teacher appreciation week and it all started with a post on his Facebook page.



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