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Every year, usually around January, teachers start running out of school supplies.  You know, pencils, erasers, binders–essential stuff!  Meanwhile, some teachers have an excess of stuff they don’t need, and those goods usually end up in the trash.  back-to-school-953250_960_720

Back in 2014, some good people in Baltimore, Maryland created a solution to the dreaded supply shortfall.  The ‘Teacher Supply Swap‘ allows teachers that buy their own supplies to exchange excess supplies with other teachers. Teachers pay a small annual fee of $10, to fill five baskets of supplies and drop off what they don’t need.

The event started in a church, but due to it’s popularity it has  since moved to a large warehouse.

Since teachers typically have to reach into their own pockets to make-up for the short fall, the exchange of goods just makes sense.

Since 2014 the supply swap has given away more then $90,000 in school supplies.

The idea is so simple, but we can’t help but ask ourselves, why didn’t we think of that?

To hear more about the supply swap, listen to Episode 05 of the ‘Class Dismissed’ Podcast.





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